Minas Gerais, Brazil

Born in Minas Gerais, Brazil, in the small town of Formiga, Valeria Carvalho was raised in a magical universe of the only cinema in town, the Cine Gloria, owned by her paternal grandfather. So, while her dad is projecting films in the cinema and her mom is managing Bomboriere, a chocolate shop, Valeria grows up singing and dancing trough the rows of the cinema, watching all the movies while there was no censorship in Brasil.

Espelho d´Água

Through her TV, Cinema and Theater work, today Valeria is recognized and known as a versatile artist.

Currently she is part of the main cast of “Espelho D’Agua”, a soap opera in exhibition on SIC TV, but at the same time she’s on tour with the show of her first Album, “Rui em jeito de Bossa”.

Guitar and Dance

Dance and Music are Valeria’s first form of artistic expression. At 15 years old, in Belo Horizonte, she discovers the guitar, an instrument that accompanies her ever since, and joins the Dance Corps of Cia Mauricio Tobias. At the age of 18 she becomes a professional dancer trough SATED, and integrates it’s teaching faculty

On her way to Portugal

December of 1990 after finishing university in physical education through UFMG, Valeria decides adventure herself to Portugal, taking with her only a backpack full of dreams. It’s in Portugal that her career flourishes and where she stays until today.

The Oporto Adventure

Arriving in Oporto city, Valeria starts teaching dance and body expression classes at the Gimnoarte Gym. This is when she’s invited to participate in “Bom Dia”, a TV show of RTP, where she daily leads a series of animated dance classes for a group of children. Starting her long Portuguese TV show career.

A Dancer in Lisbon

In Lisbon, as a dancer she embodies the dancing crew of numerous TV shows, such as: “Destino x”, “Queridos Inimigos”, “Marina D. Revista”, “Era uma Vez”, “Casa de Artistas”, “Chuva de Estrelas”, “Furor”, “Canções da nossa vida”, “Ri-te, Ri-te”, “Umsarilho chamado Marina”, “Tic-Tac”, “Sábado à noite” and “Santa Casa”. She integrates various galas and plays, such as: “Lisboa meu amor” and “Bora para o Parque”. Valeria choreographed the Magazine show “Já viram isto”, of Francisco Nicholson in the legendary Parque Mayer. At the same time, she starts her training as an actress and takes in her first steps in acting and interpreting, making small appearances in shows.


In 2001, Valeria finally overcomes her accent limitation and gets her first works as an actress in the SIC TV soap operas “Ganância” and “O Olhar da Serpente”, but it’s undoubtedly Valeria’s role as Juraci in the comic series “Não há pai” that it’s her launch pad and brings her the recognition of the great public. Valeria then works as an actress on countless programs and TV shows for various TV channels, such as: “SIC 10 Horas”, “As Duas Por Três” - SIC, “Maré Alta” - SIC, “Levanta-te e Ri” (stand up comedy) - SIC, “Câmara Café” - RTP1, “Galas de Inverno e Primavera” - SIC, “Pastéis de Natas” - RTP2, “Cenas do Casamento” – SIC, “Os Compadres” - RTP, “A sagrada família” – RTP, “Belmonte” where she starred as a special guest and she even hosts the show “GRP” on TV Record.


Valeria finds herself in the cinema world thanks to the director Leonel Vieira that invites her to participate in his movie “A arte de roubar”.

Companhia de Actores

In 2004 Valeria decides to pause her TV career and co-funded the Companhia de Actores, where she remains for 8 years acting and co-producing her own plays, such as “Cenas Suburbanas” of Nelson Rodrigues in CCB, Teatro Rio Grande (Azores), and Teatro Municipal de Bragança, with António Terra’s staging.

International Theater Festivals

In MITO (International exhibition of theater of Oeiras), Valeria premiers “Viver é Raso” with Amaury Tangará’s staging, and “ONNI Objecto Náutico não identificado” with John Mowat’s staging, staying in season for three international festivals: “Entre MITOS”, in Oeiras, the Tondela’s festival, Covilhã’s festival and in Chapitô in Lisbon. The show “Espírito da Poesia” and the children show “Pirlimpimpim” of CDA made two years in MITO.

...more Theater

Then there was “As Mentiras que os Homens Contam” of Luis Fernando Veríssimo, in stage in Teatro Tivoli in Lisbon and Oportos’ Coliseum; the play “A Mala” with Beatriz Cantinho’s staging, on stage in new Box in CCB; the musicals “Meias de Seda” with António Terra’s staging; and “Crença”, with it’s own staging in Teatro Municipal de Bragança, in Santiago Alquimista, and in Lisbon in Maxime, Associação 18 de Maio and Teatro Amélia Rey Colaço.

Independent way

In 2012 Valeria decides to leave CDA to follow her own independent way that leads her to produce the monologue “Chico em Pessoa” based of Fernando Pessoa and Chico Buarque’s texts. The monologue, under the staging of Carlos Paulo, premieres with great success in Teatro da Comuna in Lisbon, in Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval, in Festival Amo Teatro (Madeira), in Teatro da Malaposta, in Teatro da Luz, (both in Lisbon), in Multilingual School Festival, (Madeira), in Centro Cultural de Loulé and in Mindelact Festival of Cabo Verde.

Children’s plays

In Teatro São Luís, under João Brites’ staging, Valeria and “O Bando” theater join the cast of “Em Brasa”.

Valeria’s first staging experience was with the children’s play “Pequenas Histórias”, followed by “A última história de Capuchinho Vermelho”, both on stage in Teatro Amélia Rey Colaço, and the show “BrinCadeiras” in MITO.

Valeria creates, directs and produces “Projecto Oeiras Pro” (A Microssoft’s meeting of social partners) and the community Christmas show “O Caminho para Belém”, in Algés where she gets more than 250 people involved.

Children’s plays

In 2013, side by side with Ana Brito e Cunha, Valeria premiers two children’s plays, “Um anjinho tropical” and “Mãe Amizade” also they premiered the comedy “Shot de Valeriana”, with Jaime Aragão’s staging in season in Teatro do Bairro and Teatro Villaret, both in Lisbon.

Rui Em Jeito de Bossa

In 2014 in Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval, Valeria premiers “Rui em Jeito de Bossa”, a show that counted with the participation and music production of the great Brazilian pianist Luiz Avellar, which originates Valeria’s first album.

Casa da Língua Portuguesa

In 2015, with Denise Bernstein and Inês Torres da Silva, Valeria creates and founds the association “Casa da Lingua Portuguesa” where she developed various projects in the interculturalizing area, such as the TV show “Estamos Juntos”, exhibited by TV Brazil and the Afro Music Channel.

New Plays

Still in 2015, Valeria premiers the musical “Sentinela” in duo with the Portuguese musician Marco Santos, based on their original texts and songs. The show premiers in Madeira in Economia Criativa Festival.

In 2016, with the actor João Pedro Carvalho Lima, they premiers the play “O sofá, a mamã e eu”, staged by the Italian Lamberto Carrozi, in season in the Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações in Lisbon.

Artistic Intervention in the Social Field

Since 2004, Valeria has been developing artistic intervention works in the social field, namely in the Ampliarte project in Outurela-Portela and Navegadores Neighborhoods in Oeiras; in the Recriando Project in the Tires Prison Facility.